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Eva Huber Discovers Tattoo Culture

Date : 10월 23, 2015

Eva Huber is an artist from Brooklyn who specializes in traditional American tattooing. We sent her all the way to New Zealand to discover the ancient traditions of Māori tattooing.


What would you say if someone randomly emailed you to go on an adventure with a complete stranger halfway around the world? The catch? You wouldn’t be told where you were going or what you would be doing.

New Zealand is so incredibly far; about 24 hours by plane. I couldn’t believe that Sperry was sending me. There I was, meeting my fellow Odyssey traveler, Rob. Then hours later, meeting a native New Zealand tattooer and experiencing the mysterious and ancient world of the Māori.



Every day was filled with sea-based adventures. I feel for the land-locked people who haven’t had the opportunity to sail a boat, view islands from a plane built in the ’70s, hike near a river with a stranger who they can now call a friend or visit a culture founded on the life that only water can give.



Gift giving is central to Maori culture. ROB and I decided to show our thanks by tattooing a special pair of shoes for our host, Rangi.


Because of this Odyssey, I now have people in my life that I am better for knowing. Of course I didn’t want to leave! When I got off the plane in NYC, I found out that my apartment had burned to the ground. When I showed up, backpack and travel case in hand, my fiancé was there to greet me along with the Fire Department. Thankfully, everyone was safe.


As someone who has chosen to live and not just exist, this unexpected return was all just part of one big trip. My time in NZ was incredible! Gratitude levels have been overflowing and it’s all thanks to this.

Written by Eva Huber. Follow Eva on Instagram at @EVA_JEAN