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Sailing on the Open Seas

Date : 3월 2, 2016

Christina Caradona (aka @TROPROUGE) is a NYC fashion blogger and model with an up-for-anything personality. She set out on an Odyssey alongside 4 strangers to explore the seas of Maine and Nicaragua.

Sailing on the open ocean is an amazing experience everyone should embark on. I’m lucky as I grew up in France, and now live in New York City, so I’ve always been energized by exploring around the world. All of my fellow crew members and I come from such unique backgrounds- with different perspectives on the world. But we’ve been united through our common bond of our Odysseys.

When we first set sail from the coast of Maine, I didn’t know anything about sailing or the power that the water would have over me. Even though I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world- I’ve always explored by land. Seeing the world from the ocean was invigorating. I love testing my limits and trying new things- so becoming a sailor has been awesome! As my skills improved each day, my confidence grew greater.  I really surprised myself, being able to reel in a sheet line faster and faster each day. I look back to those moments of strength and they fuel me  now that I’m back to my life in New York City. 

At times, the water was energetic and full of life and so unpredictable. On any given day, I could be swept up in the rush of a gust,  just as fast as I could  peace in moments of still wind. I had time to unplug from the rest of the world and reflect on the most important things in my life.  As a fashion blogger and model- I’m surrounded by beauty every day- and the beauty of the ocean holds such power.  I can’t wait to get back out on the water again and see what else I can learn.

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CONOR SMITH: Graduate student / Sailor
DANIEL CAPONETTO: Sailing afficionado / Adventurer
ALEX AYLING: Travel vlogger
ARIEL TWETO: Alaskan Bush Pilot