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Taking Risks on the Open Seas

Date : 2월 4, 2016

Ariel Tweto is an Alaskan Bush Pilot who has conquered the air and the land, and has now set her sights on the sea. On her Odyssey she learned to sail, made new friends, and traveled through the North Atlantic and the Equatorial Pacific.


As an Alaskan bush pilot, I’ve always craved a life full of adventure that opens my eyes and makes me a braver, bolder person. Being a part of this odyssey has challenged me in ways I have never before been pushed. At times, the swell of the ocean overpowered our boat and the crew and I had to rally together.


Being at sea reminds me that things are always changing, from the landscape to the people I meet. My connections with the crew are deep, and i now have friends for life. We’re connected by this common, epic experience.

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